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ScanWyse Document Management

Managing hard copy documents outside of the electronic record creates unnecessary overhead, complicates transitions in care and leaves staff with incomplete information.  ScanWyse simplifies management of paper forms and makes scanned documents fully accessible to clinicians.

Enable staff to view the complete medical record:

  • Critical hard-copy documents relating to prior admissions, or hospital discharges ensure proper care plan implementation.
  • Incorporation of past medical records informs clinical decision-making, especially for chronic care patients.

Share information across care settings:

  • Physicians using WebWyse will have access to the complete record via a secure web interface--including paper documents incorporated using ScanWyse.
  • Insurance information, written orders and other critical documents are available to clinicians in the case of re-hospitalization.

A reduction in paper reduces errors and saves time, money & space:

  • By using ScanWyse agencies can realize significant cost savings on printing and document storage.
  • Capturing documents securely in the electronic record saves retrieval time and errors due to lost documentation.
  • Elimination of bulky paper charting allows agencies to save space and reduce storage expenses.