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Private Duty Software

Office functions are centralized and fully integrated with point of care, financials and reporting for operational efficiency.

Secure, fraud-proof tracking of paraprofessional visits with verified service delivery and risk management protocols.

Mileage management for home health and hospice

Route optimization and turn-by-turn directions can cut mileage expenses 10% . 

Home Health Payroll  | Hospice Payroll

Payroll & mileage automation minimize administrative overhead with robust QI rules to ensure accuracy.

Dynamic home health scheduling data flows between the back office and point of care, so staff are always current and productive.

Incorporate hard copy documents for a fully electronic medical record.

HealthWyse includes controls to ensure that expiring licenses and certifications are flagged in a timely manner.

HealthWyse's SaaS-based EMR Simplifies Maintenance

HealthWyse is SaaS-based, streamlining updates and simplifing system maintenance.

Referring physicians can access the full EHR via a secure web portal, facilitating order completion and patient care.

Integrated medication management capabilities flag potential risks & interactions and provide contextual drug information.

Home health care and hospice dashboards

Dynamic dashboards offer real-time access to key financial, operational and clinical metrics to drive performance.

Achieve near error free billing while slashing administrative overhead by 33% with FinanceWyse's management tools.