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Physician Portal

In an integrated health system, connecting to your referral sources and facilitating effective communication with physician offices is more critical than ever.  Today's patients have increasingly complex medical needs and agencies are under pressure to reduce re-hospitalization rates. 

Adjustments in the plan of care are critical to effective patient management, and the WebWyse physician portal facilitates these interactions in a compliant manner.

WebWyse allows physicians to review and sign orders, see the full EMR and review the care plan.


Through the portal attending physicians may:

• Review and sign 485 and Interim Orders
• Access to information needed for Care Plan Oversight billing
• Review previous medical orders
• Include comments; notifications are then automatically sent to the agency and care team
• Leverage a built-in calculator for billing of Oversight Minutes 


Improve clinical outcomes:

  • Ensure that orders and plans of care are transmitted quickly and accurately
  • Provide access to the complete EMR via a secure connection, so the attending physician has current status information and can adjust orders, as needed

Expedite billing & compliance:

  • Ensure that orders are signed in a timely fashion: your agency is reliant upon physicians and delays in obtaining signatures negatively impacts cash flow
  • Meet clinical milestones and ensure that information is automatically captured in the EMR

Efficient workflows support collaboration:

  • Rapid review of multiple records allows physicians to work efficiently
  • Care team is notified when physicians author comments to ensure that caregivers are up to date