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Payroll Management

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HealthWyse Ensures That Time & Labor Is Automated and Accurate, Reducing Administrative Overhead

If your agency is struggling with excessive adminstrative overhead, cumbersome payroll tracking, and inaccurate time sheets, HealthWyse can help you become efficient while better controlling personnel and mileage costs.

HealthWyse enables employees to submit time sheets from MobileWyse, CallWyse or OfficeWyse and approved Daily Activity Reports include approved mileage and time allocated for approved agency events or meeting times.

QI rules flag non-approved DARs with color coded alerts for ease of review. This ensures that your payroll is accurate and expedites processing. 

The software allows for corrections and additions, with safeguards in place to ensure that only the difference owed is paid. Once approved, submissions are archived, so you always have an accurate payroll history and a payroll time and attendance export generated for submisison to your payroll service.