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Medication Management

Complex case loads require point of care support for effective medication management. MedWyse provides clinicians with comprehensive formulary information and alerts flag potential interactions, including for over the counter and generic medications.

MedWyse enhances patient care by identifying potentially harmful drug interactions, tagged by severity level. It even provides food/drug cautions.

Avoid adverse events and manage quality of life by identifying potentially harmful drug interactions:

  • Check drug/drug and drug/food interactions for both current and ordered medications
  • Provides clinicians with information on side effects based on importance, severity and frequency

Help clinicians to identify potential issues:

  • Allergy tracking by name or category
  • Medication name matching enables clinicians to identify drugs in the patient’s possession, displaying matching generic or brand names

Educational support for clinicians & patients:

  • Patient teaching information is available both in Spanish and English
  • Use a hand-held printer to print patient medications leaflets
  • Description of drug properties with information on drug category, mechanisms and indications