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Integrated Assessment for Hospice

Maintaining productivity without sacrificing accurate, compliant documentation is a significant challenge for hospice agencies--especially in a changing regulatory environment. 

Hospice has distinct needs that differ from those of home health.  HealthWyse has designed an Integrated Assessment that guides the clinician through the intake process, with special attention to compliance-related items. The Assessment helps to build the plan of care, allows the clinician to move to specific sections of the form with a single click and progress is auto-saved, so work is never lost.

The Hospice Integrated Assessment offers a single point of reference and combines key elements such as demographics, head-to-toe assessment and orders.

On admission, the Assessment provides access to demographic attributes including: level of care, Unipolicy or LCDs, orders to go to the physician and data elements such as Edmonton and palliative performance scale and outcome measures.

Fields pending completion are highlighted with non-completion warnings, and a progress bar notes the level of document completion.  During follow-up visits, the careplan document maps directly to the patient’s interventions and goals, ensuring compliance and a complete documentation review. During the visit, clinicians can mark goals as met, and may add new interventions and goals to the plan as needed, based upon the assessment.