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Integrated Assessment for Home Health

Home health care software

HealthWyse provides home health clinicians an Integrated Assessment that helps guide the intake process, highlighting critical items and allowing quick review of completed and pending items.

  • The patented HealthWyse Clinical Assistant™ displays data pertinent to each component of the assessment
  • Includes “Best Practice” questions to support required elements
  • Allows the clinician to create the care plan while performing the assessment

All required elements, including assessments such as PHQ-2 and PHQ-9, diagnoses, medications, vaccinations, visit frequency and clinical orders are centralized.  All information captured flows directly into the care plan and clinicians can document against care plan goals on subsequent visits.

The tabbed sections allow for quick navigation to a specific area of the assessment and incomplete sections are highlighted.   All work is auto-saved, so you will never have clinicians start an assessment and lose their work due to an air card dropping the call as you might experience with some other EMRs.

Incomplete and pending items are highlighted, prompting clinicans to address required items in a timely manner.