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Hospice Point of Care Software

Hospice Point of Care Software

As part of its overall offering, the HealthWyse EMR includes specific functionality for hospice and hospice inpatient units. Point of care workflows, including an Integrated Assessment for Hospice, help to ensure efficiency and compliance.  As clinicians complete the Integrated Assessment, the plan of care is compiled and reporting measures such as QAPI are automatically captured.  For patients moving through the continuum of care, from home health to hospice, a single database facilitates transitions in care without duplication of data entry or fragmentation in the medical record.

HealthWyse Mobile incorporates all current regulatory requirements, including CR-8358, Hospice Item Set and has ICD-9/ICD-10 cross-walk and go-live enhancements in place to minimize any disruption to clients in advance of the October transition.

The Hospice Integrated Assessment combines demographics, head-to-toe assessment and orders.

On admission, the nurse uses the Hospice Integrated Assessment and immediately has access to demographic attributes including: level of care, Unipolicy or LCDs, orders to go to the physician and data elements such as Edmonton and palliative performance scale and outcome measures.

To ensure compliance the Integrated Assessment shows the clinician fields that need to be completed, and incorporates a percentage bar that highlights the level of document completion. The Assessment includes non-completion warnings in order to keep the clinician focused and ensure that documentation is completed correctly.

During subsequent visits the clinician uses the Careplan Document to document directly against patient’s interventions and goals, ensuring compliance and a complete documentation review. Within the workflow, clinicians may mark goals as met, and add new interventions and goals to the plan based upon the assessment.

The care plan and Integrated Assessment are designed to facilitate efficiency with "one stop shopping" for clinicians, improving accuracy.

Seamless patient care for inpatient settings is supported with features such as: patient photographs, cross-shift MAR reminders, and team-based documentation. Reporting supports shift and patient assignments, allowing for multiple documentation of data elements, such as pain, per shift. MD ordering allows physicians to order medications and the RN to acknowledge them electronically.

Treatment plans support level of care, GIP and shift documentation is supported by flow key indicators such as pain level and other key measures.

Hospice house-specific reporting includes margin reports and graphical profit and loss estimator views by level of care, clinician, team, physician, and diagnosis.

A simple user interface encourages timely, accurate documentation:

  • All tasks are centralized on a home screen for ease of reference
  • Alerts identify risks and action items for follow-up
  • Works with hand-held printer for in-home patient education and support

Drive documentation at point of care:

  • Required documentation and milestones, such as NOE, are flagged for follow-up
  • Patient information, including medications, diagnoses, and orders, flow automatically into the POC device
  • Compliance-driven workflows ensure that required documentation is completed, minimizing review time and billing errors

Flexible technology for maximum productivity:

  • Clinicians can document and conduct visits even when no Internet connection is available
  • HealthWyse Mobile works natively on Android, Windows and iPad devices
  • HIPAA-compliant secure messaging connects staff to office