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Homecare Point of Care Software

Homecare Point of Care Software


HealthWyse Mobile is the industry's most flexible point of care solution: the solution works in disconnected mode on Android tablets, Windows laptops and tablets and iPads.  This allows clinicians to work and conduct visits even when no live Internet connection is available, boosting productivity and ensuring continutity of care. The system is outcome- and compliance-focused, with customizable workflows and robust QI rules designed to support clinical best practice. This starts with Integrated Assessments for both home health and hospice that begin with the start of care. The patient-centric interface that organizes the clinician's work day with a focus on open items and patient-related tasks. As a clinician walks through a visit, there is a progress bar and mandated items are clearly marked, so they know exactly where they are in the visit. All work is auto-saved, so documentation progress is never lost. 

HealthWyse messaging is secure and HIPAA-compliant, allowing clinicians to stay in constant touch with the office and other care team members. The system also provides for device-level security, so IT staff can wipe a device if it is lost, or stolen. 

Powerful, intuitive solution for ease of use:

  • One-click access to all critical information: the full medical record, medication records, scheduling, messaging and more
  • All tasks are centralized on a home screen for ease of reference
  • Alerts identify risks and action items for follow-up

Drive documentation at point of care:

  • No Internet connection is required in order to conduct a visit--so you can always be productive, even when you don't have wifi
  • Patient information, including medications, diagnoses, and orders, flow automatically into the POC device
  • Compliance-driven workflows ensure that required documentation is completed, minimizing review time and billing errors

Flexible technology for maximum productivity:

  • Run solution on any Android, Windows or iPad device 
  • HIPAA-compliant secure messaging connects staff to office
  • Scheduling changes flow dynamically to the clinician's device and NaviWyse mileage management adjusts directions accordingly