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Centralized, optimized billing operations drive improved cash flow and billing efficiency. FinanceWyse provides all-inclusive billing, claims processing, remittance, and collections capabilities.

Since FinanceWyse is fully integrated into the EMR, there is never a need to reconcile separate financial and clinical reporting: data flows seamlessly across the system from intake through final billing.

The ROI is significant and can take just a matter of months: VNA of the Midlands saw a +$600,000 swing in operating income just 12 months after implementing HealthWyse.

Manage authorizations:

  • Proactive alerts for expiring authorizations
  • Pending verifications automatically fed from referral/intake
  • Ability to manage authorizations by hour, visit, shift, decrementing dollar & overlapping authorizations

Manage insurance:

  • Pending verification list is automatically fed from referrals and intakes
  • Batch re-verification of active Medicare/Medicaid patients
  • Support for split billing by service, carrier or time frame

Billing & invoicing:

  • Supports billing for all payer types, facilitates cash flow via daily, weekly, monthly & episodic billing
  • E-billing for Medicare/Medicaid and flat file transfer for commercial claims
  • Agency-defined, rules-based claim audits hold claims until clinical or insurance requirements are met
  • Support for room & board charges

HealthWyse is approved by these Medicare MACs 5010 vendors:

  • Palmetto
  • CGS
  • NGS: Links on this website are periodically refreshed; at the home page, look under HHH column > click on “Electronic Submissions (EDI)” > click on the “Version 5010 Implementation” > then on “5010 Approved Entities”