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Dynamic Scheduling

HealthWyse offers dynamic, real-time scheduling software for both back office and field staff. The scheduling software is a fully-integrated component of the HealthWyse EMR, with alerts to prevent overbooking, booking appointment types with the wrong discipline or scheduling staff when they are unavailable.

At point of care, MobileWyse simplifies schedule management for clinicians: all appointments are displayed on the clinician's home screen and they can easily move forward and backward to see past and future dates. Clinical staff can also review their patients' schedules to note booked appointments that are set with other staff.  In compliance with physician orders, appointments may be booked at point of care without hard stops for approvals, eliminating delays in patient care while still remaining compliant.

QI rules minimize scheduling errors by validating the type of visit scheduled, ensuring that booked appointments comply with visit frequency orders and even checking against licensing requirements and patient preferences. This helps to maximize clinician productivity, increasing billable revenues while addressing patient satisfaction.

Efficient scheduling software needs to work for schedulers and for field clinicians. Scheduling controls help office-based personnel to maximize efficiency, while a graphical interface and alert system simplify schedule management at point of care.

Scheduling reconciles against authorizations to ensure compliance. Alerts and task lists highlight schedule conflicts and "to do" items.

Home Health Scheduling Software Helps Agencies Maximize Clinician Productivity

  • Drag & drop visuals highlight conflicts & staff availability, maximizing bookings
  • Staff availability and patient schedule at a glance; schedule view available by clinician, or by patient
  • NaviWyse cuts travel time, so clinicians spend time with patients, not in transit
  • Flexible scheduling by visits, hours, team, geographic area, and/or discipline
  • Daily “Task List” highlights conflicts, overlaps, work to be assigned
  • Display visits in progress throughout the day, to track and manage resources
  • Alerts for tasks and supervision visits due, order/authorization compliance, overtime assignments
  • Clinician and aide matching to patient according to skill, characteristics and patient preferences
  • Tracks all disciplines and services including volunteers, spiritual counselors, and community services, as well as non-visit activities
  • Display visits in progress in real time to track & manage resources

Home Health Scheduling Software Helps Agencies to Address Compliance 

  • All visits are tied to authorizations and visit orders, eliminating unbillable activity and producing a clear audit trail
  • Clinician schedules are reconciled with orders ensuring compliance with the plan of care
  • To ensure patient satisfaction and contractual compliance, caregivers are matched per contract requirements, patient preference & skills

HealthWyse Scheduling Builds in "Hard" and "Soft" Stops that Prevent Scheduling Errors

         For example: if you try to schedule an SN visit with a clinician and it is after the date the system shows that their license will expire, you will encounter a "hard stop". If you try to schedule an SN visit with a clinician on a day on which they are not scheduled to work, you will be prompted to confirm the choice despite the apparent scheduling conflict. If you know that a clinician is able to see that particular patient, the system gives you the flexibility to override the "soft stop".