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Dashboards & Reporting

Home health care and hospice dashboards

Enabling Proactive Agency Management

Easy access to real-time data, on-demand, is a major concern for many agencies. In order to address shrinking margins, increasing regulatory pressures and demands for clinical outcomes documentation, significant time is spent trying to access and compile information.

HealthWyse addresses this need for timely, actionable data with a dynamic analytics platform that supports metrics-based management across the agency. Dashboard drill-downs provide immediate insights, and a robust reporting library and ad hoc reporting engine support ongoing operations and compliance.

The dashboard's quadrants allow a focus on key areas of agency operations:

Productivity: tracking the number of visits by discipline against targets allows agencies to evaluate performance in real-time--evaluating and re-working processes if trending indicates that productivity is lagging

Outcomes: in a time when ACOs and referral sources are focused on re-hospitalization rates, understanding and being able to document superior outcomes is the key to driving referrals from cost-conscious payers

Financial: margins are razor thin and still under pressure; financial performance is an imperative--HealthWyse dashboards provide current and trending data

Quality: understanding factors like average case mix and visits (by skill) for certification periods

Specifically, the dashboard enables tracking of key metrics affecting the operational, clinical and financial health of your agency, such as:

  • Referrals
  • Conversion rate from referrals
  • Revenue
  • Aged receivables
  • Unbilled services
  • Re-hospitalization rates
  • Metrics by referral source
  • Case mix
  • % Breakouts of insurance populations
  • Trending data for the trailing 13 months
  • Visits per day, by skill
  • and more

Detailed Data Views Help to Spotlight Agency Strengths & Weaknesses

Individual metrics offer both summary, and drill-down views, enabling detailed analysis: uncover areas of strong or weak performance.  Agency managers can understand whether there are systemic, process-related problems--or, whether it is under-performance by a few outliers that are influencing results.  

For example, for home health agencies, the summary view of Days to RAP provides trending and point-in-time measures of performance.  Users can see which processes are taking longer than expected and can also see a personnel-specific breakout of efficiency for both supervisors and staff.  These insights are actionable: by identifying a systemic problem you may opt to conduct additional training for your entire team; however, if a handful of outliers are significantly underperforming, clinical managers can review the skill and performance level of just those individuals, without disrupting the entire team.  For hospices, the drill-down provides information on measures such as NQF #0209 -- showing both the admission assessment and the measure at 48 hours.

Seamlessly Integrated Into the EMR as Part of a Robust Analytics Platform

The dashboard is fully integrated with the EMR and is part of a robust analytics platform that offers 400+ reports and an ad hoc reporting engine to furnish both dynamic and point-in-time metrics.  Because the dashboard and reports are fully integrated into the system, you will never have to print and reconcile paper reports--your data is available at the click of a mouse.

The HealthWyse solution includes a comprehensive library of standard reports designed to isolate problems and highlight strengths. ReportWyse allows you to go a step further—enabling the creation of custom reporting without programming, or technical skills.

Metrics-driven care delivery is at the heart of healthcare reform. Are you equipped to review and present your agency’s data?

Set process improvement goals based on real--time metrics:

  • Visit & outcomes data
  • Improve cash flow by reviewing documentation timelines

Productivity by clinician:

  • Identify unproductive schedule slots and under-performing clinicians through timesheet analysis
  • Understand visit and QI-related issues

Query & export for further analysis:

  • Flexible export options allow for manipulation of spreadsheets and further analysis
  • Develop & save custom queries without any programming required
  • Rules-based triggers on override streamline agency review & approval