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CallWyse for Aides

Without the right management tools, overseeing aides and other paraprofessionals can be time consuming and expensive.  

CallWyse is a telephony-based point of care documentation system that is designed to support efficient management of home health, personal care aides and other paraprofessionals. CallWyse supports complete and timely documentation per the care plan, schedule management, and time and mileage management from any telephone. Information submitted via CallWyse is seamlessly integrated into both OfficeWyse and FinanceWyse in real-time, offering a complete care delivery and management system for your private duty business.

CallWyse also facilitates proactive patient care through alerts when vitals and other key indicators signal a potential problem. This is especially critical for management of patients with complex medical needs. 


Supporting compliance with the care plan:

  • Step-by-step confirmation to ensure that care plan tasks are completed
  • Automatic escalation procedures if caregiver responses are out of expected norms
  • Enables entry of core data such as vitals and food intake

Supporting critical communication to caregivers:

  • Access to schedule up to one week in advance
  • Availability of patient information—including address, telephone and directions-- reduces missed, or tardy visits
  • HIPAA-compliant email with return receipt and high-priority, required message options facilitate communication

Simplifying employee management:

  • Save up to 10% on mileage costs with automated travel time estimates and non-GPS based routing
  • Collection of visit and travel time, plus mileage, is automated to reduce manual review time
  • Detail reports identify issues such as missed visits, excessive travel costs and double booking