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Back Office Software for Homecare & Hospice

Homecare and Hospice Back Office Software

OfficeWyse homecare and hospice software includes all of the back office functionality needed to support financial operations, scheduling, logistics and billing as part of the fully integrated HealthWyse electronic medical record sofware solution.

In an increasingly tight reimbursement climate agencies are struggling to reduce administrative overhead and to improve back office processes that will improve cash flow and maximize employee productivity without sacrificing quality.  HealthWyse clients have told us that they were able to cut administrative FTEs by 33%, or even to eliminate an entire medical records department because the level of automation in HealthWyse made fewer staff more productive.

OfficeWyse centralizes and optimizes office operations to drive effective scheduling that optimizes the productivity of field clinicians, efficient billing process that result in DSO reductions of 50% or more, and to simplify complex tasks such as time and labor management.  

For integrated agencies, the architecture of the HealthWyse EMR--with a single patient record across all lines of business--eliminates duplicate data entry and fragmented patient records while improving the continunity of care. 

Scheduling & intakes:

  • Intakes integrated with authorizations and point of care
  • Scheduling system matches providers and patients per contract requirements
  • All scheduled visits are tied to authorizations

Manage clinical review & staff compliance:

  • Management by exception workflows focus QI efforts
  • Automated, paperless timesheet management based on agency pay rules
  • Alerts to ensure that licensure, insurance and training requirements are met

Secure communications:

  • A single system allows communication across your entire organization
  • Messages may be directly incorporated into EMR
  • HIPAA-compliant