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User friendly point of care software for home health & hospice

HealthWyse Mobile: Home Health Point of Care Software  | Hospice Point of Care Software

Guided Clinical Workflows and Dynamic,  Contextual Content Presentation Based on Factors Such as Visit Type Expedite Documentation in the Home -- Enabling Clinicians to Focus on Delivering Quality Patient Care.

"HealthWyse has enabled our clinicians to work a normal 8 hour day..."  -- Tony Zizzamia, Liberty Home Care

Inefficient point of care software often leaves clinicians with the task of finishing up the day's documentation long after their "normal" workday has ended.  This is tiring and frustrating to the clinician, results in less accurate documentation and impedes cash flow by delaying submission of required documentation.  With today's focus on re-hospitalization rates and aggressive auditing, documentation quality is also a concern. HealthWyse Mobile includes robust QI rules that improve upstream quality, resulting in fewer ADRs, faster payments and cleaner audits.

Home health software
  • Management by exception workflows highlight upcoming, incomplete and priority items needing attention, like OASIS-C forms
  • Integrated Assessments and HealthWyse's patented Clinical Assistant™ expedite care delivery and documentation
  • One-click dashboard drill-downs allow supervisors to see which clinicians are slower than average in submitting RAP documentation

The HealthWyse Mobile point of care solution is fully integrated with OfficeWyse and FinanceWyse to ensure that completed clinical documentation is reviewed and billed quickly and accurately.




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