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Home Health Software

Home Health Software

Home Health Software Considerations

There are 10 important factors to consider when evaluating home health software. Click here to explore these critical issues.

Home Health Software from HealthWyse

HealthWyse home health software helps homecare agencies achieve critical business objectives--financial, operational and clinical.

The HealthWyse home health software solution is a fully integrated, end-to-end, SaaS-based solution that is designed specifically to address the requirements of home care.

Financial Health

By expediting cash flow and producing clean bills, HealthWyse ensures that agencies get paid in a timely fashion and in full for all services rendered.  One client saw a greater than $600,000 positive swing in cash flow within 12 months of implementing HealthWyse.

Operational Health

The system automates multiple functions, allowing agencies to achieve maximum operational efficiency.  Clients have been able to optimize staffing ratios and cut overhead--ensuring a healtier bottom line. One client was able to eliminate an entire medical records department because the system was so complete and efficient that there was no need to have separate staff in this role.

Clinical Excellence

The HealthWyse Mobile point of care offering provides guided, customizable workflows and context-sensitive content that provides the clinician with a specific view based on visit type, discipline and other factors.  In addition to this custom view of the patient, robust QI rules, integrated assessments and a patented Clinical Assistant© drive quality. A cleaner record "upstream" results in more accurate documentation, improved outcomes and fewer ADRs and denials.

Home health software also needs to deliver value.  HealthWyse is SaaS-based, lessening the burden on your agency's IT department and eliminating up front licensing fees.  There are no expensive add-ons, the system is comprehensive and transparent.  And the point of care solution is cross-platform compatible, working natively on Android tablets, iPads and Windows tablets and laptops, allowing agencies to utilize existing equipment and choose cost-effective devices based on roles and reponsibilities.


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