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Home Health Care Software

HealthWyse Mobile

Xplatform_HWmobile.pngAndroid, iPad &
Windows Compatible

  • Save by utilizing your current devices
  • Enjoy low-cost device options
  • Mix & match devices based on role

NoInternetnoBKG.pngNo lnternet
Connection Required


  • Clinicians are able to conduct visits, even offline
  • Devices sync automatically as soon as a connection becomes available
  • Access to the full medical record at all times

workflow.pngCustomizable Workflows                        

  • Integrated Assessments drive compliant documentation
  • Workflows are customizable to meet agency-specific needs
  • Clinical Assistant ensures continuity in documentation

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Home Health Care Software from HealthWyse Address Your Key Business Objectives

Home health care softwareHealthWyse home health care software helps homecare agencies achieve critical business objectives--financial, operational and clinical.

The HealthWyse home health care software solution is a fully integrated, end-to-end, SaaS-based solution that is designed specifically to address the requirements of home care.

Promoting Improved Financial Health

Workflows, starting with point of care, are designed to expedite cash flow, so you get from care to cash faster. The system also automates process and includes "hard" and "soft" stops so that you produce clean bills; clients have achieved error rates of 0.01%. 

Supporting Operational Health

Clients often realize administrative savings by optimizing staffing ratios: one client was able to reduce billing FTEs by 33%!  Optimized staffing ratios contirbute to a healtier bottom line. 

Ensuring Clinical Excellence

The HealthWyse Mobile point of care offering is a fully integrated part of the HealthWyse electronic medical record. HealthWyse Mobile provides guided, customizable workflows and context-sensitive content that provides the clinician with a specific view based on visit type, discipline and other factors.  In addition to this custom view of the patient, robust QI rules, integrated assessments and a patented Clinical Assistant© drive quality. A cleaner record "upstream" results in more accurate documentation, improved outcomes and fewer ADRs and denials.

Home health care software needs to deliver value, reliability and consistency.  As a SaaS-based system, HealthWyse lessens the IT burden on your agency while improving reliability. The SaaS model also eliminates up-front licensing fees and HealthWyse won't "nickle and dime" you over expensive add-ons: the EMR is comprehensive.  HealthWyse Mobile is flexible--working natively on Android tablets, iPads and Windows tablets and laptops--so you can better manage equipment costs and the application ensures that your clinical staff deliver consistently excellent care by presenting context-sensitive content backed by a robust set of QI rules. 



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