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Success Story: Boca Home Care


BocaHomeCare.jpgBoca Home Care is a certified home health agency serving the greater Boca Raton area in Florida that offers skilled nursing and therapy services.  They also participate in a program to support third year medical students from Florida Atlantic as they shadow home health nurses on their rounds.

Founded in 2005, the agency has been named to the Homecare Elite list multiple times and has earned outstanding scores on metrics tracking outcomes and care delivery, scoring in the top 10% of all Florida agencies. 

Overcoming Billing Challenges

Before adopting HealthWyse, the lack of an integrated system meant long processing delays and duplication of effort as data was entered multiple times.  Vice President of Operations Margie Harvey-Griffith noted: “On average, it took a month to get a RAP out the door, and we were losing RAPs due to billing delays.” 

The high level of manual interventions required multiple staff members to be involved and was grossly inefficient.

Dramatic Improvement Took Only Months

Within six months of implementing HealthWyse, RAPs now get out the door in five to seven days, cutting turnaround time by 50% or more. 

Harvey-Griffith said that the improved efficiency and level of automation with the HealthWyse EMR allowed her to eliminate five FTEs—including her entire medical records department. 

Now final claims take only fourteen days from start of care to final claim submission—and “could be done in five days if physician orders were returned more promptly.” 

Accuracy = Efficiency

She recently had a consultant conduct a review of six months of claims.  They found a single claim with an identified issue—an astounding 0.1% error rate!

The system has: “helped with getting claims out timely, and accurately—and the system does a lot of the work for us.”

The robust QI rules, workflows and reporting underpin the EMRs performance.  Since implementing HealthWyse, Boca has not had any technical denials related to their billing.

Harvey-Griffith noted: “In the beginning my billing person went over everything—she wanted to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘I’.  She didn’t really trust the system.”

However, now that she has seen how accurately the system works, she has been able to comfortably rely on the “management by exception” methodology employed by HealthWyse.  So, she is much more efficient and is able to focus on the claims that need attention. 

Success Beyond Billing

And, she added: it is not just the billing side of the operation that has benefitted from using HealthWyse.  Said Harvey-Griffith: “We have minimal turnover of clinicians because they are comfortable using the point of care system.  It is really good—and we are very tied into outcomes. I think that the Home Health Compare scores speak for themselves.”