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Marketing Your Agency

WebWyse.pngIn an increasingly competitive marketplace, and with the advent of ACOs and physician networks, agencies are required to market their services based on cost-effective outcomes.

HealthWyse facilitates this by providing access to the critical clinican and financial data that details outcomes, re-hospitalization rates and skill at managing complex patients, especially when your agency manages specific diagnoses well.

The analytics and reporting capabilties within HealthWyse provide you with a battery of information to present to referral partners, including:

  • Re-hospitalization rates
  • Outcomes by diagnosis
  • Outcomes by referral source
  • Responses to quality questions for hospice patients
  • How long it took to initiate care

As one HealthWyse client said:  “Now we enter a room with an ACO—with the information they need on re-hospitalization rates and patient satisfaction—and they’re surprised at how much data we have...ACOs are looking for cost-effective home care agencies that deliver high patient satisfaction and low re-hospitalization rates. We now live and die by the data.”