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Leading post-acute electronic health record (EHR) software provider HealthWyse today announced that Bob Anders and Kelley Chapman will be joining the company’s executive leadership team as VP of Product and as VP of Engineering, respectively. 

Anders has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare product and project management. He has been with HealthWyse since 2000 in the roles of VP Development, Director Health Systems Integration, FinanceWyse Product Manager and IT Manager. Prior to joining HealthWyse, he was a Section Manager for a large engineering team developing Patient Monitoring and EHR systems at HP Medical Products (now Philips Medical). HP Medical customers included Mayo Clinic (Rochester). 

Chapman has over 20 years’ experience in software development management. She has been with HealthWyse since 2007 in the roles of Director of Financial Applications and Software Development Manager. Prior to joining HealthWyse, she was Director of Software Development at Exit41, where she led team in software consulting and product development. Chapman also held leadership roles at HP Medical (now Philips Medical) and Raytheon where she worked on a Patient Central Monitoring System and an Anesthesia EHR product.

HealthWyse was founded in 1998 and has remained focused exclusively on the home health, hospice and private duty marketplace.  In 2011, the company was acquired by an investor group that has continued to infuse growth capital. As a result, HealthWyse has seen significant growth, extending its client base into 44 states. Recently, the company successfully introduced HealthWyse Mobile, a completely new mobile solution for iPads, Android tablets and Windows-based tablets and laptops for clinicians at the point-of-care with compliant, directed workflows. 

As VP of Product, Anders will draw on his industry experience to manage an aggressive product roadmap including future versions of HealthWyse Mobile, as well as HealthWyse Office, a new web-based back-office platform with enhanced mobile, monitoring and interoperability capabilities. Similarly, as VP of Engineering, Chapman will draw on her software management expertise to lead the team developing the next complete agency solution with HealthWyse Office and HealthWyse Mobile.

“This is an exciting and challenging time for home services agencies and for HealthWyse. Home-based, extremely patient-centric post-acute care is now indisputably recognized as critical to achieving the Triple Aim in the United States.” said Anders. “Home services agencies are now carrying and will increasingly carry risk for their client outcomes. HealthWyse is dedicated to providing the services and leadership to help our clients succeed in this rapidly changing value-based landscape.”

“I’m excited to join the HealthWyse executive team, and look forward to continuing the company’s tradition of delivering product excellence working with our strong technical talent to scale our technology infrastructure in order to meet the future needs for home services agencies,” said Chapman. “Our team is dedicated to developing an innovative EHR software suite to support clients in the face of a rapidly changing marketplace and regulatory climate.”

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