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Hospice Software

Hospice Software from HealthWyse Is Focused on Compliance, Care Delivery & Cash Flow

Hospice Software
Despite significant regulatory changes, HealthWyse remains ahead of the curve with a robust EMR designed specifically to meet the regulatory, patient care and billing challenges of hospice. HealthWyse was ready with software enhancements and trained clients in preparation for CR-8358 and HIS prior to the deadline and is preparing agencies for ICD-10 in advance of the October 15th deadline.

HealthWyse hospice software solutions keep clinicians happy and productive, effectively drives backend operations and keeps you in compliance with core regulatory requirements.

The EMR also includes an integrated dashboard to provide specific, timely metrics on clinical, financial and operational performance, allowing your hospice to identify and address areas of strength and opportunities for improvement and standard, on-demand reporting that includes batteries of key operational, clinical and financial reports that are all full customizable.


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CMS will continue to push hospices on the regulatory front: HealthWyse has maintained a 100% delivery record on compliance-mandated enhancements. You can count on HealthWyse as a reliable partner even in the face of a rapidly evolving competitive and regulatory landscape.

In order to faciliate effective cost-management and expedite care delivery, the HealthWyse EMR includes an eco-system of anciallary vendors such as pharmacies, medical supply vendors and benchmarking services.

The hospice electronic medical record also offers inpatient capabilities and palliative care capabilities, allowing organizations to better serve patients, expand their range of servies and grow their top line revenues.

Supporting compliance & required reporting:

  • Tracking NOE, Certification of Terminal Illness, and volunteer usage
  • Mandated outcome reporting is fully integrated into the system
  • HealthWyse supports submission of the full NDS to NHPCO

Managing major milestones:

  • Alerts ensure that Face-to-Face visits occur on time, avoiding undesired discharges
  • IDT meeting agendas are automated, so your team can focus on planning care
  • Web portal facilitates physician sign-off on plan of care

Improving financial health:

  • Real-time margin reporting supports proactive decision-making
  • Pass-through billing on room & board
  • Authorization management ensures that no billable days are lost