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Five reasons to choose HealthWyse
for end-to-end agency management.

If your agency is struggling with financial issues, documentation, clinical outcomes--or if you are simply concerned about being prepared for the coming changes that healthcare reform is bringing--consider 5 critical challenges HealthWyse can help you to address:
1. Measurable improvements in financial & clinical operations
From driving an increase in overall revenues, to delivering dramatic savings in clinician hours and quality review time, HealthWyse offers a demonstrable return on your investment in only 12-15 months, typcially.
2. A flexible, intuitive & complete point of care solution.
How much money could your agency save if you trimmed 98 hours per clinician, per year while improving productivity?  A management-by-exception focus ensures that clinicians stay on top of the issues that drive improved outcomes. Easily. Consistently.
3. Compliant workflows
By incorporating best practice workflows in every aspect of our solution HealthWyse clients have fewer requests for additional documentation, and are prepared in the case of audits.
4. Chronic care management
The healthcare landscape is changing under healthcare reform. Agencies must prepare to manage complex caseloads cost-effectively and document success for outcomes-focused referrers.  HealthWyse has a unique and powerful chronic care management offering.
5. Powerful technology -- "complete, not complex"
HealthWyse is built on gold standard Windows technology,  with full disaster recovery protection to ensure that your business is operational 24/7--even in the face of natural disasters. Ensure that your agency will always have a secure system utilizing the best in current technology to provide a complete solution.
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